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7 Deadly Web Design Sins You Might Be Making

Web Design Sins You Might Be Making

Do you think you need to redesign your website to gain more online presence? Well, website design can be tricky subject. But yes, of course, a visually appealing and functional one can help you gain more traffic and conversion.

If you want to learn more about web design, read on. Below are 7 mistakes people usually make when designing websites as part of the business website design.

1. Fonts That are Too Small

One of the most common mistakes people usually make when it comes designing their websites is incorporating very small fonts. Back in the day, they would include 12 px fonts, which today, can be perceived as too small.

Remember, you only have very little time to capture the website visitors’ attention. You need make a good impression, and prove to them that they are in the right place. One research even proved that a person’s average attention span is only around 8 seconds.
Do you want to get your target market’s attention right away? Make sure that the body fonts are big enough to be read. Your readers might give up because they are tired of squinting.

2. Moving Sliders

Several people are not into moving sliders. For them, they are not effective, and can annoy website visitors. In fact, only 1% of users click on the slider items—and 84% of those clicks are only for the first item.

Sliders are hard to monitor, and therefore can be ineffective. Don’t add sliders just because it is cool, and that everyone else is doing it. Contemplate on the right strategy. What is the best possible way to present your business information?

3. Low-Contrast Fonts

What does low contrast mean?

7 Deadly Web Design Sins You Might Be MakingIt means a light-colored font on a light backdrop, or a dark-colored font on a dark backdrop. If you really want your website to look good and at the same time helpful, you would make sure that your posts are easy to read. Therefore, incorporating low-contrast fonts is not a good idea.
Solve this issue by utilizing high-contrast fonts. If your backdrop is dark, then your font should be light-colored. If you have a light backdrop, your font should be dark-colored.

4. Poor Line Height for Text

Line height is an website design aspect that is easily overlooked. Plenty of web designers choose fonts, picks sizes, selects line height arbitrarily, and end the task. However, this is a significant aspect that can impact your website’s overall appeal and design.

Come up with an ideal line height for your website. Never take this part for granted. Acknowledge the fact that some font combinations and designs are not appealing for some people.

5. Line Length That’s Too Long

Don’t create long lines of text in your website. What is the optimum length, then? They say that 50 to 60 characters every line is best. Alongside this, it means that 75 characters are acceptable.

Why is line length is so significant? Because lengthy text lines can be intimidating to read. On the other hand, if it’s too short, it can become annoying.

6. No Accent Color for Calls to Action

You are committing a he mistake if you forget to give calls to action an accent color. Accent colors are important for your crucial messages to stand out. Do you have “start a free trial” or “buy now” CTAs on your website? Then make sure that their button colors are different, in order to attract more attention and curiosity.

7. Common Design Principle Violations

7 Deadly Web Design Sins You Might Be MakingLearn the industry’s best practices, and stick with all the important principles. Do you want to exercise further creativity? Do you want to come up with various ways on how to display your menu? What if you have plenty of crazy ideas, but then you can’t put them all to work?

Fulfill common principles, while being creative and adventurous at the same time. Always strike the balance.

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