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5 Key Web Design Trends for 2019

Are you a web designer or a web design firm and you’re on the lookout for design trends that will make a huge impact in 2019? Then, look no further! In this article, I will highlight some key design trends that are going to be popular in the next year.

Make It More Personalized

If you are creating a B2B (Business-to-Business) website, then making something that is more personalized for your customers is something of utmost importance.

Your goal in making a website is probably to drive up more sales and by personalizing your site based on the user’s information (like address, location, and age), you can present some products that they will most likely buy anyway.

When you do this, more and more of your site visitors will likely convert because you will save them a lot of time.


VUI stands for Voice User Interface and popular examples of this would be the Amazon Alexa and Echo services. The reason why this is on the rise is that it gives people the convenience of ordering something, without having to use their mobile phone to tap or their computers to click just to purchase from the website.

Voice User Interface is a great feature that should be implemented in all websites, particularly in the business industry because a lot of people will most likely use this above any other conventional methods.

And, with the rise of devices that can support voice commands, you’ll be left out if you do not implement VUI in your website design.

Proper Use of Typography

Different websites cater to different demographics. For artists and bloggers, they want their site to be visually appealing so that their content will be accentuated by the design they’ve used.

Conversely, businesses want a more minimalistic approach since they want their products to be at the forefront while the design is just something on the background that can also help improve the aesthetics as well.

The proper use of Typography is essential to attract the crowd that you want. Using fonts that are flashy and bold should only be used on websites that promote artistic flair.

For more professional use-case scenarios, you want to use fonts that offer a cleaner look so as to not remove the attention of your customers to what truly matters – your products.

GIFs or Dynamic Illustrations

Gone are the days where designers use still images. People want to be more dynamic and using GIFs and animations instead of just regular photos is welcomed now.

Using such media evokes certain emotions that you normally wouldn’t get by using stationary photos. Leverage this to your advantage and I promise you that there will be more customers going to your site.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Most gaming and app companies are making use of augmented reality and people are actually loving it. The ability for them to interact with digital elements in the real-world is something refreshing and something that’s never been done before.

And although augmented reality was used primarily in games and apps, it is slowly being incorporated in web designs as well.

Be creative and use this technology to your advantage.

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