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How Musicians Can Revamp Their Presence on Social Media

Marketing on social media is cheap and simple, but it also has the tendency to be overwhelming. Since many businesses are also using it, it is a little bit complicated to stand out. If you feel like you are already overwhelmed in your social media marketing campaigns for your music career, here are things that can help you out:

1.Study your audience very well.

Who are your followers? Who will likely listen to your songs? Assess their behavior when they are online. When are they most active and what kind of posts do they like and share? By knowing your followers really well, it will be easier for you to create a content that is suitable for them.

2.Come up with promotional materials.

The simplest one is a website that is also connected to your social media accounts. To make it more engaging, produce videos and photos or any visual content that your audience will like.

3.Brainstorm content ideas.

People expect a lot from you. When you post and create an engagement, your followers will eventually wait for more. So don’t keep them waiting for too long. Plan things ahead of time, like what type of content you will be producing next as well as when you are going to post them.

4.Share a photo or a video of yourself playing music at a beautiful place.

Take, for instance, Young the Giant’s video of “In the Open,” where they shoot the video literally in an open space. The mountain serves as the backdrop of the music video. Aside from a mountain, you could also shoot in other unique places such as the rooftop and the beach.

5.Create great images using Canva.

When you have a gig coming and you want to spread the word, try to make it more interesting by designing your announcement. It could be done in Canva which lets you edit templates for free without a hassle.

6.Use a combination of generic hashtags and custom hashtags.

Keywords and the proper placing of them is important when using a hashtag. You should know how to properly use the most popular ones and also create ones unique for your music.

7.Share videos of your gigs.

In social media, visual content are the ones that receive the most likes and shares. As a musician, you can post videos of your previous gigs. You can also go live if you want to. People also enjoy watching behind the scenes and recording sessions of bands.

8.Schedule your posts.

Facebook itself has an auto-post feature. Take advantage of this tool to save time managing your social media account. You can also use free apps like Hootsuite and Buffer to automate things on social media.

9.Get your fans involved.

Engaging your audience is more important than asking them to buy your album or download your song on Spotify. Once you build a good relationship with these people, you no longer have to ask them to buy because they will do it out of love.

10.Know when your followers are most active.

Maximize your engagement by sharing content at the time when your fans are active.

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