Lucky Rituals for Winning at the Casino

Unique and Lucky Practices for a Winning Casino Experience

We always perform rituals to sway things on our favor. Our ancestors did tribal dancing and other ancient rituals to attract favorable outcomes. Now, we still do certain “rituals” to attract good fortune, especially when we are going to the casino. For example at 918kiss.

Hitting a huge jackpot requires a lot luck. Because of this, some individuals resort to interesting and bizarre practices to ensure the best advantage.

Here are some of lucky practices that players perform on table games and slot machines.

1. Lucky Charms

Carrying around a lucky charm has always been a popular practice even at casinos. Players will do anything to attract good fortune. Among the Bingo crowed, trolls seem to be the favorite lucky charm of choice.

Some people would hide lucky charms inside pockets, others would show it all out in the open. For instance, several poker players use these charms as so-called card protectors. They believe this will disguise the genuine purpose of displaying them on the table.

One of the most common practices being performed anywhere in the world is tossing coins into any body of water. Wishing wells are good for casinos who gain millions of dollars every year from players who believe that throwing money in the water would attract good fortune.

Moreover, many players still believe that prayers are the keys to an amazing casino win. Some of them would hold rosaries and crosses while spinning buttons. Some would pray in silence, others out loud.

2. Machine Manipulation

Slot machines can be unpredictable. We all know that we can never influence the result of a spin. However, many players would try varied approaches, thinking that machines have feelings.

There are players who reinsert and remove slot cards as they play. They do this because they want the slot machine to believe that there is a new player in front of them.

Many players love getting personal with slot machines. How? They would fondle, kiss or talk to it intimately, believing that they can persuade it to bring out its charms.

3. Pre-Casino Time Rituals

Many players would try to attract charm and good fortune, even before they arrive at the casino. They would wear lucky jewelry or clothing, and sometimes, would consume a so-called “lucky meal.” An example of a player’s lucky meal? A ranch style casserole taken the morning or evening before the big casino trip.

What’s more interesting is that several players would check on their biorhythms or horoscopes before heading to the casino.

4. Make Your Own Good Fortune

There is definitely no evidence that clothes, charms or any other practices can change someone’s fortune inside the casino.

What’s clear is that, those players who enjoy a lot are the ones who are having the best experiences. Win or lose, they are happy.

Do you always carry a lucky charm with you when playing at the casino?  If it makes you feel good and luckier, then go ahead. As long as it doesn’t make other players and employees uncomfortable, you and your unique practice are very much welcome inside the casino.

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