Some Fun and Interesting Poker Games You Can Try

Some Fun and Interesting Poker Games You Can Try

Exciting Poker Games

People are often playing Texas Hold’em and other popular variations of the Poker games such as the Mega888 that they rarely try the new versions.

I mean sure, they are already established and they are always the ones that are being used in different poker tournaments around the world.

But, if you’re just a casual player and you want to make it even more interesting, then why not try the new (and not so new) variants of the poker instead?

Today, I am going to present to you some fun and interesting poker games you can try.

1. Pineapple Poker

Some Fun and Interesting Poker Games You Can TryIf you want a poker game that is nearly identical to Texas Hold’em, then Pineapple is for you. Whereas Texas Hold’em players start with only two cards in hand, the Pineapple poker players start with three.

What makes this a really fun game is that after the flop, you will discard the extra card, leaving you with only two just like in the original game.

But, the added cards actually make things interesting and because of that, the prizes are usually much bigger as well.

2. Omaha

This is one of the most popular variations of Texas Hold’em Poker game. Even though this has been deemed by many as a game that is almost similar to the original, the Omaha poker game has its stark differences.

For one, it is a “community card game” where players can share cards on the board. But, if in Texas Hold’em, you are given 2 cards to begin with; in Omaha, you’re actually given 4 hole or down cards and they must use exactly 2 cards from another player’s “hole” cards and another three from the board to create their own 5-card poker hand.

This game is actually quite popular and is available in most online poker websites and even in many casinos out there as well.

3. Razz Poker

7-Card stud used to be a very popular poker game, but has since been pushed to the wayside. It’s newer variant, the Razz Poker, is actually becoming more popular than its parent.

In this game, players are dealt a total of 7 cards and the one who wins will have the lowest 5-card hand in the play.

4. Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw

Some Fun and Interesting Poker Games You Can TryIf you are familiar with the five-card draw variation, then you will love this. The premise has some similarities with Razz Poker in the sense that you can win the game by having the worst 5-card hand over the other players.

Furthermore, you get to draw cards three times which makes it even more interesting for all of the players involved. The rules might be complicated at first glance, but if you’re actually playing the game already, you will find that it is indeed quite easy.

5. Double Flop Texas Hold’em

This game is actually similar to the original one, except that it has two flops! Every player will still get 2 hole cards, but they have the chance to create 2 separate hands; one for each of the 2 sets of board cards that are dealt.

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