Affiliate Marketing

Are you looking for a top affiliate program in Malaysia? With the right program and niche choice, you can be an affiliate marketing master. However, before taking any major step with regards to your plans, make sure to do in-depth research first.

At some point, you would encounter that controversial statement made by famous online marketers like Neil Patel–affiliate marketing is dead. Of course, many people are contradicting this, saying that the affiliate marketing industry is more alive than ever.

Veteran Affiliate

When they say that affiliate marketing is dead, veteran affiliate mean that the industry has changed a lot that you can’t just write a random review, recommend products, generate clicks, and earn big commissions.

The easy ways of affiliate marketing is dying already, but affiliate marketing in itself won’t die anytime soon. If you want to succeed in your affiliate marketing journey, you need to invest tons of time, money and hard work. You can never turn $1 into $20 through very little effort!

Explore longer funnels and improve user retention. These are important aspects you must focus on.

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