First Shoes for your Walking Baby

1.Size matters a lot.

Are you looking for new baby shoes in Malaysia for your little one? Before splurging online to get your little one’s first set of walking shoes, it’s crucial to know the right size. It’s best to go to a physical store, and have your child’s feet measured by a specialist. Watch out for those curled toes that can throw off the measurements.

2.Beware of plastic.

Shoes for toddlers and babies must be able to bend easily. Plastic shoes are cheap and cute, but can be painful and dangerous. According to pediatricians, toddlers must wear flexible, lightweight shoes that would make their feet move freely and naturally. The best baby walking shoes are made of mesh material or leather.

3.One size fits today.

At some point, you would be tempted to buy bigger shoes, so it would last longer. But, shoes which are too large are difficult to walk in. These can also cause tripping and falling. It’s crucial to look for shoes that fit your kid’s feet properly, most especially if she is just learning to walk.

4.Settle for shoes with good quality.

If you are on a. budget, you might want to consider quality, second-hand baby shoes. Second hand doesn’t always mean low quality, after all. It’s possible to find great quality, gently used shoes at many consignment stores around.

One thing you must keep in mind is that you always get what you pay for. Sure enough, those shoes you see at Payless and Target have short life spans, and can easily fall apart.

5.Don’t buy cowboy boots and other stylish shoes for now.

Many parents are tempted to buy their kids highly stylish shoes. Are you tempted to get hipster motorcycle boots, and leopard-skin pointy shoes? Well, you may want to delay the collection. Prioritize simple, comfortable toddler shoes. They exist to stabilize and support new walkers. Bare foot is always better, but when you are outdoors, think function over cool fashion.

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