How to Start Blogging and Make Money Online?

I am still quite surprised that a lot of people think that starting their own blog and making money online are two hard things to do. While the latter is a bit challenging, both of them are actually quite doable.

So, if you are contemplating building your own blog and start blogging to earn money, then read further to find out how it is done, the right way.

Come Up with a Good Domain Name

Famous brands like Adidas and Burger King are household names and whenever someone speaks of either of them, then the person they’re talking to will know what they are referring to. That is why it is important that you come up with a good domain name because that will essentially act as your brand.

A domain name is basically what will become your URL. And, as you know, the URL is needed to access a specific website. There are a few things to keep in mind here.

First, your domain name should be somewhat catchy. Second, it should be something that is easy to remember. Third, it shouldn’t be more than 3 words; the shorter the domain name, the better.

Once you’ve come up with a suitable name, register it in a domain registrar so that no other person can take that name away from your blog.

Find a Reliable Web Host

A web hosting provider is one that is able to make your blog be available for online viewing. Whenever you build your website, it will contain files that, without a host, would only be seen locally or on your own computer/laptop.

A web host, then, is a company that owns the servers that you need to ‘host’ your website’s files; allowing it to be visible online.

Finding a reliable web host is a must so that you can rest assured that your blog is up and running almost all of the time.

Once you’ve found your web host, link your domain to the said service and that should create the foundation where you can build your blog on.

Build Your Blog

Now is the time to create your blog and there are many ways you can do that. The most obvious choice is to go for WordPress. It is very easy to use and it allows you to create a beautiful blog with extended functionality by way of using plugins.

Another great alternative would be to use website builders. You will be presented with a cloud interface where you can just drag-and-drop certain elements to help build your blog.

Or, you can go the old-fashioned way of hiring a web designer or web developer to build your website for you.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog

After you’re done with the previous step, you’ve essentially managed to build your blog. Make sure to link it to your web hosting account to make it visible online.

At this point, you want to drive traffic to your blog and to do this, you will have to start creating blog posts. Always remember to create high-quality content by writing about something that is valuable to your target audience. In addition, you also want to implement different SEO practices as well such as link building, using internal links, guest posting to generate more traffic, and so much more.

Affiliate Marketing

To start earning money online through your blog, I suggest that you research more about affiliate marketing.

The idea is to create your blog posts as usual but with the addition of affiliate links that are going to be provided to you by your partner merchants

Some Fun and Interesting Poker Games You Can Try

Exciting Poker Games

People are often playing Texas Hold’em and other popular variations of the Poker games such as the Mega888 that they rarely try the new versions.

I mean sure, they are already established and they are always the ones that are being used in different poker tournaments around the world.

But, if you’re just a casual player and you want to make it even more interesting, then why not try the new (and not so new) variants of the poker instead?

Today, I am going to present to you some fun and interesting poker games you can try.

1. Pineapple Poker

Some Fun and Interesting Poker Games You Can TryIf you want a poker game that is nearly identical to Texas Hold’em, then Pineapple is for you. Whereas Texas Hold’em players start with only two cards in hand, the Pineapple poker players start with three.

What makes this a really fun game is that after the flop, you will discard the extra card, leaving you with only two just like in the original game.

But, the added cards actually make things interesting and because of that, the prizes are usually much bigger as well.

2. Omaha

This is one of the most popular variations of Texas Hold’em Poker game. Even though this has been deemed by many as a game that is almost similar to the original, the Omaha poker game has its stark differences.

For one, it is a “community card game” where players can share cards on the board. But, if in Texas Hold’em, you are given 2 cards to begin with; in Omaha, you’re actually given 4 hole or down cards and they must use exactly 2 cards from another player’s “hole” cards and another three from the board to create their own 5-card poker hand.

This game is actually quite popular and is available in most online poker websites and even in many casinos out there as well.

3. Razz Poker

7-Card stud used to be a very popular poker game, but has since been pushed to the wayside. It’s newer variant, the Razz Poker, is actually becoming more popular than its parent.

In this game, players are dealt a total of 7 cards and the one who wins will have the lowest 5-card hand in the play.

4. Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw

Some Fun and Interesting Poker Games You Can TryIf you are familiar with the five-card draw variation, then you will love this. The premise has some similarities with Razz Poker in the sense that you can win the game by having the worst 5-card hand over the other players.

Furthermore, you get to draw cards three times which makes it even more interesting for all of the players involved. The rules might be complicated at first glance, but if you’re actually playing the game already, you will find that it is indeed quite easy.

5. Double Flop Texas Hold’em

This game is actually similar to the original one, except that it has two flops! Every player will still get 2 hole cards, but they have the chance to create 2 separate hands; one for each of the 2 sets of board cards that are dealt.

Five Features Businesses Need to Consider When Building A Mobile App

Five Features Businesses Need to Consider When Building A Mobile App

In the wake of counseling on the structure and improvement of almost 200 mobile applications, I’ve picked the main five highlights I think organizations and brands need to think about when building one. They’re not advanced science highlights, yet watchful thought on how they are utilized will yield the best utilization out of your mobile application.

Before we get into it, how about we address one essential inquiry first: Why fabricate a mobile application? Contracting a group of mobile application company can get expensive snappy, so there ought to be an unmistakable objective that benefits your image or business and eventually drives more traffic, clients, commitment and, in particular, income.

When you’ve decided a reasonable way to the abovementioned, it’s fundamental to take a gander at an application as a bit of programming that keeps running on a mobile telephone. View it as something exceptionally situated to use the abilities of a gadget and endlessly more dominant than contending programming encounters, for example, a mobile-designed site or commercial.

With that, here are my best picks for must-have includes in your next mobile app development:

Profound Integration with Location-Based Services

As I would like to think, this is the absolute most essential component to use in a mobile web app. You fundamentally approach the mobile telephone’s GPS and, in this way, the whereabouts of your end client anytime.

There is a huge number of approaches to utilize this data, for example, by serving custom area-based substance like coupons and promotions for retail stores. You can likewise rearrange the conveyance of on-request benefits or communicate socially with clients in closeness. Whatever the utilization case is, having a tie-in with the gadget’s area-based administrations will increase the value of both you and your end client.

Streamlining an App for Offline Access

Offline applications

Not really a component, as such, yet where sites fall flat, mobile applications can win. Since a mobile application is a discrete bit of programming running on the customer side, a great deal can be performed in the User Interface without a web association.

Application engineers should exploit this and structure ways where a client can associate with the application – without an association – as flawlessly as could be allowed while lining up solicitations and data. Along these lines, the data or demand can be submitted and got once a decent web association is available.

For instance, matching up a nearby database on the telephone with one in the cloud enables a client to associate with the last known refreshed bit of substance. What’s more, in spite of the fact that it could be obsolete by a couple of minutes, it is as yet a limitlessly enhanced affair than having no information by any stretch of the imagination, an association blunder or an endless stacking liveliness.

Contact ID, Face ID or Equivalent

This is one of my most loved highlights that frequently gets ignored. Not all gadgets can profit by this equipment innovation, yet engineers on iOS ought to positively exploit it. Why? TouchID – and, all the more as of late, FaceID – makes marking into an application snappy and consistent and is moderately easy to execute from an application advancement point of view.

Any element that streamlines use goes far and is viewed as a major win. Nowadays, there can be a few dozen applications going after your clients’ screen time, so whatever you can do to make their lives less demanding is going to having an enduring effect. This element additionally has the advantage of making your application feel increasingly current.

Message pop-ups

Message Pop Ups in Apps

This nearly appears to be guaranteed, yet few application designers really utilize this component appropriately. For this situation, less is better. There is by all accounts a continuous estimation in the business that utilizing each chance to get the consideration of your client will expand your use and impressions.

In any case, this is frequently not the situation for profitability applications. Most clients will utilize your application since it is genuinely helpful and illuminates an essential need, regardless of whether for accommodation or efficiency. Your pop-up message should expand this and be used for essential updates and alarms.


We live in an interesting new existence where social positioning among recent college grads trumps pretty much everything in reality. So critical is the discernment we make for our gathering of people that applications like Instagram have prevailed upon the world with something as basic as photo sharing.

While applications that fathom a genuine business need or open certifiable comfort will be the best in getting predictable client commitment, having some component of gamification has turned out to be progressively fruitful in driving application sees.

Something as straightforward as a day by day remunerate, upvote or likes, or a point framework dependent on application use or highlight cooperation, can go far to draw in your end client.

Since applications are constant, recording a client’s commitment in an application will be a lot less demanding than, state, on a site, where a login or some kind of “treat” should be used so as to peg that session to a particular client.

This can get confounded when a client utilizes different web-empowered gadgets, requiring following on each discrete gadget. Mobile applications don’t experience the ill effects of these equivalent complexities, and thusly it is my solid proposal to boost mobile’s one of a kind points of interest.


Maybe you thought I’d uncover some industry competitive advantage when assembling this rundown, yet oh dear, the highlights that are basically imperative are the presence of mind ones that are regularly ignored or shoddy.

Numerous brands and new companies alike are centered around the center highlights that are special to their item and neglect to address the complimentary gifts in the application improvement space.

There still gives off an impression of being a tad of quality around mobile applications, where organizations feel that on the off chance that they fabricate it, clients will consequently come.

The application biological community is focused, and clients are progressively critical when searching for an application they’re willing to submit the time to. It’s principal to join your one of a kind highlights while regarding your gathering of people’s time and giving them the most extreme profit by, and motivations to, utilize your application.

Does Keyword Density Still Matter in Today’s SEO?

Back in 2011, using the right keywords was still a thing. I mean, it is the only thing that many people thought about when they’re thinking of implementing SEO techniques on their websites.

To some extent, they’re pretty successful doing it. That is why there are black hat SEO like overstuffing keywords being prevalent in this time.

However, Google Search’s algorithms have changed dramatically over the years and what used to work before does not work as effectively today as it once did.

This is not to say that Keywords do not matter anymore, but what I am saying is that keyword density, at least to the extent that we used them before, does not hold any importance anymore in today’s SEO landscape. Here are somethings that online marketing services recommend you do instead.

Website Relevance

For you to better understand why keywords are important when it comes to search engine optimization, Google and other search engines make use of them to make your content relevant.

For example, if you’re using keywords for “hair salon”, your topic is relevant for people who are using those search terms, ultimately making your website more visible to the active searchers.

Before the hummingbird update, black hat SEO techniques would tell you to overstuff your content with keywords so that you will rank higher. And it was actually true back in the day. Then came the update that killed those techniques.

The Hummingbird Update

Before this update, Google looked at site relevance based on the keywords used. But after the implementation of the Hummingbird update, it now views site relevance differently.

So, instead of using “hair salon” to dictate the site’s relevance to that particular search term, the algorithm now tells the search engine to look for the qualities that would satisfy the search query. In other words, instead of solely relying on keywords for site relevance, it now relies on the quality or the context about the hair salon using natural and often, conversational language.

This ultimately means that although keywords are still important in today’s SEO, it doesn’t hold as much weight as it did before.

The Takeaways

Despite the changes in the way Google Search handles websites, there are still some key takeaways from the new updates.

  • It is still important that you do keyword research. Only this time, you will focus more on the quality and the volume of the keywords instead of just relying on just about every keyword imaginable.
  • The placement holds more bearing now than it once did. It is important that you use your keywords in the title and the first few paragraphs of your content.
  • High-volume keywords are important and the only ones that you should think about.
  • There is now a priority for you to use your keywords the same way words are used in a natural conversation.


Keyword density doesn’t work to help you rank higher anymore. However, this is not to say that keywords, themselves, do not bear any importance anymore because it still does.

You just have to change the way you treat it. No more overstuffing, no more shady tactics. Just use it in a more natural way.

The Martingale System: A Betting Strategy to Avoid


We’ve heard every story from card sharks with a reliable wagering framework that will beat the house and assurance wealth. Be that as it may, if such frameworks really existed there would be no in the online gambling malaysia industry – so it’s constantly prudent to peruse up on the hypotheses you hear.

A standout amongst the most mainstream wagering techniques you’re probably going to go over is the Martingale System. This is what it is and why you ought to maintain a strategic distance from it.

What is the Martingale System?

The Martingale System is a wagering procedure that started in eighteenth-century France and
stays mainstream today.

The rule is straightforward: each time you lose a wager, you twofold your next wager, so the possible win abandons you with a little benefit equivalent to your
unique stake.

It is for the most part utilized on amusements which offer wagers with near a 50/50 shot, for example, Roulette, for example.

Why It Appears to Work

In principle, the Martingale System is near a beyond any doubt thing. In the end, a wager is probably going to win and counteract any misfortunes, leaving the better with an unobtrusive benefit, contingent upon the first stake.

In any case, it is a case of what is known as the Taleb Distribution; this is a system that seems okay for the time being, acquiring little benefits, yet which will intermittently encounter outrageous misfortunes.

Card shark’s Fallacy

There are various reasons that the framework doesn’t work practically speaking. It depends on the player’s error, the hypothesis that in the long run, you will undoubtedly win.

This is basically not genuine – each wager has a similar shot of losing, regardless of what number of
misfortunes you’ve officially experienced. The basic difference in an amusement can prompt what have all the earmarks of being long losing streaks (or winning streaks!) when these are very conventional aftereffects of the shot.

Last Bet Far Greater than the Small Wins

Besides, while a losing streak may in the long run end, you will most likely be unable to keep utilizing the Martingale System until the point that it does. You don’t have an unbounded bankroll, and customary table diversions don’t have interminable wagering limits (unquestionably on the off chance that you play at an online casino).

What’s more, when you do hit a progression of misfortunes, multiplying the wager each time, your last wagered will be far more prominent than the little wins you would acquire when the framework works.

Think about this precedent: in the event that you play Roulette online at the prevalent 888 Casino, you may play at a Roulette table with a £1000 wagered constrain. You begin with a £1 wager on red. The ball arrives on dark. Your next wager is £2, at that point £4, at that point £8, £16, £32, £64, £128, £256, £512 – and afterward, you have achieved as far as possible.

10 misfortunes in succession aren’t surprising in Roulette, and in the event that you presently  wager £1000, you never again have the capacity to win back your full bankroll. You could be looking at losing £1000 after what began as a £1 wager, and for a £1 benefit – not great chances.

The Martingale System is enticing, however, such techniques are generally commended by individuals who’ve basically delighted in here and now achievement. It is smarter to wager sensibly (utilizing your instinct and playing inside your limits) than to depend on a framework that could cause gigantic misfortunes.

7 Deadly Web Design Sins You Might Be Making

Web Design Sins You Might Be Making

Do you think you need to redesign your website to gain more online presence? Well, website design can be tricky subject. But yes, of course, a visually appealing and functional one can help you gain more traffic and conversion.

If you want to learn more about web design, read on. Below are 7 mistakes people usually make when designing websites as part of the business website design.

1. Fonts That are Too Small

One of the most common mistakes people usually make when it comes designing their websites is incorporating very small fonts. Back in the day, they would include 12 px fonts, which today, can be perceived as too small.

Remember, you only have very little time to capture the website visitors’ attention. You need make a good impression, and prove to them that they are in the right place. One research even proved that a person’s average attention span is only around 8 seconds.
Do you want to get your target market’s attention right away? Make sure that the body fonts are big enough to be read. Your readers might give up because they are tired of squinting.

2. Moving Sliders

Several people are not into moving sliders. For them, they are not effective, and can annoy website visitors. In fact, only 1% of users click on the slider items—and 84% of those clicks are only for the first item.

Sliders are hard to monitor, and therefore can be ineffective. Don’t add sliders just because it is cool, and that everyone else is doing it. Contemplate on the right strategy. What is the best possible way to present your business information?

3. Low-Contrast Fonts

What does low contrast mean?

7 Deadly Web Design Sins You Might Be MakingIt means a light-colored font on a light backdrop, or a dark-colored font on a dark backdrop. If you really want your website to look good and at the same time helpful, you would make sure that your posts are easy to read. Therefore, incorporating low-contrast fonts is not a good idea.
Solve this issue by utilizing high-contrast fonts. If your backdrop is dark, then your font should be light-colored. If you have a light backdrop, your font should be dark-colored.

4. Poor Line Height for Text

Line height is an website design aspect that is easily overlooked. Plenty of web designers choose fonts, picks sizes, selects line height arbitrarily, and end the task. However, this is a significant aspect that can impact your website’s overall appeal and design.

Come up with an ideal line height for your website. Never take this part for granted. Acknowledge the fact that some font combinations and designs are not appealing for some people.

5. Line Length That’s Too Long

Don’t create long lines of text in your website. What is the optimum length, then? They say that 50 to 60 characters every line is best. Alongside this, it means that 75 characters are acceptable.

Why is line length is so significant? Because lengthy text lines can be intimidating to read. On the other hand, if it’s too short, it can become annoying.

6. No Accent Color for Calls to Action

You are committing a he mistake if you forget to give calls to action an accent color. Accent colors are important for your crucial messages to stand out. Do you have “start a free trial” or “buy now” CTAs on your website? Then make sure that their button colors are different, in order to attract more attention and curiosity.

7. Common Design Principle Violations

7 Deadly Web Design Sins You Might Be MakingLearn the industry’s best practices, and stick with all the important principles. Do you want to exercise further creativity? Do you want to come up with various ways on how to display your menu? What if you have plenty of crazy ideas, but then you can’t put them all to work?

Fulfill common principles, while being creative and adventurous at the same time. Always strike the balance.

It’s All About Craps Strategies

Craps, Can Get You Trap

Craps is conceivably the most engaging game at any casinos out there, whether of land-based or an online site like 918kiss Malaysia. The online adaptation may not appreciate vocal help, but rather despite everything it can demonstrate extremely enthralling to players. Obviously, craps is a shot game yet following certain basic hints can empower you to kill the house edge, in this manner enhancing your triumphant possibilities.

Learn your game.

The session of craps may appear to be anything but difficult to get a handle on, however one has to know several essential guidelines and techniques with the end goal to play it well. Guarantee perusing an instructional exercise before taking to a craps table. This will enable you to accomplish full comprehension of what wagers are incredible to take for particular bets according to the house edge.

Pass Line Bet.

Putting down the pass line bet gives you the best position on the turn out move, which is the primary bet put in craps.

Odds Bet.

You will have the capacity to put an additional free chances bet once the shooter has built up a point. This bet is as well as can be expected make in online craps, as it highlights zero house edge. The best procedure for online craps is continually putting down a free chances bet. Certain casinos even take into account you to put down a bet twice as large as unique pass line bet. It is best to put down higher free chances bet and lower pass line be in such casinos.

Come Bets.

You can put down come bet once a point is set up, which infers that in the wake of putting down the come bet, the following move for you turns into a turn out roll. Hope to win if the shooter moves numbers. Putting down a come bet can enable you to win if the shooter either rolls a point for either gathering and this unquestionably enhances your winning shots.

Come bets and Pass line bet.

Another magnificent technique for playing on the online craps is to put down the two come bets follows the pass line bet. You will along these lines have three numbers working further bolstering your advantage. Many betting experts think about this number of bets perfect to have. Put down another bet once you accomplish a winning bet, which empowers you to have in play three bets dependably.

Proposition Bets.

The more regrettable strategy for online craps is without inconsistency putting down recommendation bets. These sorts generally get settled after only a solitary shakers move, which renders them speaking to specific players. It is fitting to abstain from taking these since the house edge is ordinarily altogether extensive.

Avoid Betting on Hard 4 & 10 and Big 6 & 8. Always remember this strategy.

6 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

The worldwide commercial center has experienced the greatest change since the modern unrest. The approach and reception of the web has changed the manner in which that organizations work. By giving innumerable promoting openings, and in addition fast access to more information, measurements, figures, and trends than at any other time ever, innovation has completed two noteworthy things for business:

  1. Given associations an immense range of chances to market to the majority.
  2. Created new purposes of equality in advertising procedures that are important to succeed.

That is the reason numerous associations are currently redistributing employments beforehand held in-house. With the quick-paced universe of digitization, it has turned out to be hard to keep up an onboard staff of qualified experts who can address the developing requests that innovation puts on representatives and businesses. Also, the expense of employing experts to tend to the developing requests of showcasing can be restrictive.

For these and different reasons, contracting a computerized showcasing office is regularly the best game-plan for organizations who are trying to set up their items and services on the web and on the planet.

Six particular reasons an advanced advertising organization can be one of your best ventures are based on digital marketing social media :

1. It enables you to center around maintaining your business.

In simply a similar way that having a bookkeeper implies you can leave the books and charges to them, an advanced promoting organization can take control of your advertising needs which will free up your gives to take control on other critical parts of your company.

Regardless of whether you need to spend additional time on the key heading of your company, discover better efficiencies in tasks, or spend additional time on your portfolio administration or innovative work, having an office handle your advanced showcasing procedure would you be able to give the time you have to do as such.

2. Specialists in Marketing Know Their Fields

Advanced showcasing isn’t just about thinking of extraordinary thoughts. That is just a bit of the pie. Having the specialized skill and also the assets to execute the techniques and activities are different pieces that prompt accomplishing the outcomes you are searching for.

That is the reason a computerized promoting office uses numerous fields of mastery to guarantee that your association is contributed all the correct spots, to all the ideal individuals, in all the correct ways, using creative and important market trends and techniques.

3. Cut down on showcasing costs

The expense to enlist a promoting group in-house these days can be considerable. Thinking of a group of individuals who can lead, look into, screen, compose, and break down your advertising technique is an exorbitant and tedious endeavor. A qualified advanced showcasing office has these fortes and more for a small amount of the expense (in time and cash) it would take to locate a qualified in-house group.

4. They offer quantifiable outcomes

On account of their subject matters and specialization in computerized showcasing, they can give you examination and reports that give you an unmistakable proportion of the outcomes you are traversing their services. In spite of the fact that advanced showcasing can appear to be unique, a specialist web-based promoting group ought to have the capacity to allocate exact, unmistakable qualities to any crusade to demonstrate the viability of the approach.

5. They have every one of the devices

With the experience, learning, and vital proceeding with the instruction of on the web and computerized advertising, a promoting office has devices primed and ready that numerous associations may not know about. Similarly, as you would utilize specific devices for your exchange, advanced advertisers additionally have their own one of a kind methods for building fruitful introduction for their customers.

Also, due to the mass measures of customers an office has, access to the higher cost devices that an in-house showcasing group would, for the most part, consider out of spending plan can give your company extra asset to succeed.

6. You can get new thoughts

An advanced advertising office has their aggregate fingers on the beat of market trends regardless of what business you are in. In particular, a compelling promoting office can give such advantages as:

  • Ideas on which promoting activities are working best
  • New viewpoints on the advanced market
  • Deep investigations of target groups of onlookers and practices

As fast as innovation has changed our reality, it keeps on changing the commercial center. It is a comprehensive, specific undertaking to remain over advertising trends and use them in the incalculable routes accessible to advance your association’s items or services.

An advanced promoting organization doesn’t simply compose blog entries and present your image on Social Media for new. They buckle down out of sight to ensure your items, thoughts, and services are at the highest point of purchaser’s pursuit inquiries since they realize what shoppers are searching for. Along these lines, the services of an advanced advertising office fill in as a quiet accomplice in the achievement of your company.

6 Errors Ecommerce Websites Should Avoid during the Holiday Season

According to ecommerce agency, it’s usual to encounter lots of web traffic during holiday. While businesses are excited for the peak season, not all of them are prepared for surge in traffic. It ends up in getting errors in the website and even losing customers. Know what kinds of mistakes that cause them so you can avoid them from ruining your site on a holiday.

Availing a hosting plan that cannot handle spikes of web traffic.

Even major shops like Amazon face difficulties maintaining their website when Black Friday comes. They seem inevitable but the truth is that there is something you can do to prevent this kind of issue. When you are running a business site, don’t settle for hosting plans that have a limited number of web visits per month. You’ll never know just how many people would be browsing your site on a holiday, so better invest in a decent hosting.

Not automating backups for the website.

Web traffic is not the only factor that could cause crashing. Sometimes, there are web attackers who are just trying to hack a website. Better allocate a certain amount of your funds for a plan that includes an auto-backup feature. It’s more convenient than having to pay someone to fix the entire website.

Not being secured enough against malware.

Hackers are everywhere and they could steal data from your site. Is your site secured enough against hackers and malware? Avoid this mishap from occurring by adding layers of protection to your site. Your site needs to have updated server firewalls as well as security of server sites. There are hosting plans that have free SSL certificates. This feature is important because it is required in scanning and detecting malware.

Not having enough capacity to screen fraudsters.

Did you know that as much as half of all orders on holiday seasons are from attempted fraud? You might need to outsource people who can do fraud prevention. An automated system can help in improving your capacities to screen fraud.

Not having a lot of options for customer service.

Your customers expect that you instantly reply to their concerns. In WordPress sites, there is already a plugin called Facebook Customer Chat. It’s important that they can easily reach you via social media. For those who visit your site, it helps that there is a live chat option. During the holidays, there might be a need to increase your customer service. Invest in a custom chat box extension for your online store.

Not being prepared enough for managing additional orders.

It can be more challenging to pack and ship when the orders started to pour in. Be prepared by having additional supplies for shipping ahead of the holidays. Invest in lots of boxes, labels, and tape so you will not run out of them where are lots of orders on peak season.

Multiple Myeloma: Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Treatment Options for Multiple Myeloma

It’s been continuously said over the news and medical circles that stem cells can be used in treating certain types of cancers; one which is the Multiple Myeloma.

For those of you who do not know, Multiple Myeloma is a type of cancer which attacks the white blood cells in the body. It attaches directly to the plasma cells which have been known to be the ones that are fighting foreign pathogens. They do this by creating antibodies that recognize these pathogens in order to combat them, and possibly killing them in the process.

There are many stages to this disease. If it is only mild, the doctors will not recommend any harsh treatments like having the person undergo chemotherapy sessions or stem cell transplants process.

However, in its later stages and symptoms have become so apparent, then drastic measures will have to be done in order to combat this deadly disease.

So, where do stem cells factor into this? Well, the patient will have to take some powerful drugs that can kill the cancer cells. They might also be subjected to some radiation as well just to complement the former.

Multiple Myeloma: Stem Cell TreatmentHowever, both of these methods are known to kill off any type of cell in the body- including the ones that are vital to our survival.

This is where the stem cells come in. They are implanted in the body to help replace the cells that were killed off during the previous procedures.

That being said, there are actually different types of stem cell transplants you need to be aware of.

Different Stem Cell Transplants

  • Autologous – This transplant method involves the extraction of the patient’s own stem cells to be implanted again at a later date (after the chemotherapy/radioimmunology sessions). This method can actually keep the disease at bay for so many years. However, there is a possibility that it can resurface again in the future.
  • Allogeneic – This method is where the stem cells are derived from another person other than the patient. This is used is the previous method fails. The only major problem would be if the transplanted stem cells will not be rejected by the patient’s body.
  • Tandem – This method is where the patient gets 2 Autologous transplants that are spaced a few months apart from each other. For instance, you get a transplant this month and you will wait another 6 months to get the second treatment. Studies show that this is better in terms of long-term treatment than a single autologous transplant, but keep in mind that this procedure is quite expensive.
  • Syngeneic – Because stem cells from different people have a higher chance of getting rejected by the body, the stem cells that come from an identical twin doesn’t share the same fate. This process involves extracting stem cells from your identical twin, which will have nearly the same success rate to that of the autologous transplants.
  • Mini – It follows the Allogeneic transplant protocols, but this is where you rely more on the stem cells for the actual treatment instead of chemotherapy/radioimmunology sessions. In other words, you will get a much lower dosage from the latter so that the former can do its thing. This is perfectly suited for older people.

Multiple Myeloma: Stem Cell Treatment


There are many ways you can treat Multiple Myeloma; you just have to confer with your doctor as to which method will work for you.

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