6 Errors Ecommerce Websites Should Avoid during the Holiday Season

According to ecommerce agency, it’s usual to encounter lots of web traffic during holiday. While businesses are excited for the peak season, not all of them are prepared for surge in traffic. It ends up in getting errors in the website and even losing customers. Know what kinds of mistakes that cause them so you can avoid them from ruining your site on a holiday.

Availing a hosting plan that cannot handle spikes of web traffic.

Even major shops like Amazon face difficulties maintaining their website when Black Friday comes. They seem inevitable but the truth is that there is something you can do to prevent this kind of issue. When you are running a business site, don’t settle for hosting plans that have a limited number of web visits per month. You’ll never know just how many people would be browsing your site on a holiday, so better invest in a decent hosting.

Not automating backups for the website.

Web traffic is not the only factor that could cause crashing. Sometimes, there are web attackers who are just trying to hack a website. Better allocate a certain amount of your funds for a plan that includes an auto-backup feature. It’s more convenient than having to pay someone to fix the entire website.

Not being secured enough against malware.

Hackers are everywhere and they could steal data from your site. Is your site secured enough against hackers and malware? Avoid this mishap from occurring by adding layers of protection to your site. Your site needs to have updated server firewalls as well as security of server sites. There are hosting plans that have free SSL certificates. This feature is important because it is required in scanning and detecting malware.

Not having enough capacity to screen fraudsters.

Did you know that as much as half of all orders on holiday seasons are from attempted fraud? You might need to outsource people who can do fraud prevention. An automated system can help in improving your capacities to screen fraud.

Not having a lot of options for customer service.

Your customers expect that you instantly reply to their concerns. In WordPress sites, there is already a plugin called Facebook Customer Chat. It’s important that they can easily reach you via social media. For those who visit your site, it helps that there is a live chat option. During the holidays, there might be a need to increase your customer service. Invest in a custom chat box extension for your online store.

Not being prepared enough for managing additional orders.

It can be more challenging to pack and ship when the orders started to pour in. Be prepared by having additional supplies for shipping ahead of the holidays. Invest in lots of boxes, labels, and tape so you will not run out of them where are lots of orders on peak season.

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