5 Professional Tips for the Best Home Exterior Updates

1.Begin with simple maintenance jobs.

Basic, simple clean up tasks can make a positive difference in your home. Give it a nice touch up paint trim, power wash and plant beds. Repainting your front door is also a great idea, as well as adding new plants.

2..Be very careful in updating older homes.

Are you planning a new home makeover project? Keep in mind that updating nay area of your home exterior should be done with utmost care. This is most especially true if your home is a bit old already. In general, older homes have some level of damages from water infiltration over the years.

3.Focus even on the smallest architectural details.

Molding around doors and windows, as well as window shutters, can add interest to home exterior styles. You can also explore energy-efficient windows, since this can improve both aesthetics and performance. Anything that improves curb appeal and building envelope would go a long way.

4.Marry the landscape to the house itself.

According to interior designers and architects, good landscaping makes the best difference in the exterior appeal of a home. Whether you want an entire yard overhaul or a quick freshening up, take your time in making a basic landscape plan. Aim for a great balance of plants and lawn.

In case you don’t have enough budget and time to plant new things, just do a big cleanup.

5.Refresh your home’s exterior paint.

Aside from landscaping, this is another recommended way to update your home’s exterior. Keep the color palette simple for more dramatic effect. Don’t integrate too many textures, colors and elements. Be consistent and simple in order to bring out your home’s real charm and elegance.

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