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4 Tips for Your Engagement Ceremony

It appears that we are midway through 2018 and it seems like everybody that you know is getting engaged or married with their loved ones. Don’t get emotional while sitting in the corner of your room, thinking about is it the engagement season or what is going on and when will it be your turn. Here are 4 tips for your engagement ceremony that you should read, so you can start thinking about your wedding event plan while cuddling your pillow. #WEFEELYOU

  1. The event. The agenda of the event should be decided in advance before the engagement ceremony to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Here is what you need to focus on when planning an engagement ceremony. Firstly, the Date & Time. It is highly recommended if the event takes place around 10-11 am. This is because when the wedding ceremony is over, the event should continue with lunch and both families can utilize the time well to get to know themselves better. Secondly, the Venue. Homes are the best venue for your ceremony because you can save the expenses. Thirdly is the Spokesperson. On behalf of the woman, appoint a family member to be the spokesperson during the discussion. Most likely both families will discuss further on next steps such as wedding date so the spokesperson will be the intermediary. 

  2. The Ring. The engagement ring is a very important thing that symbolizes that you are ready to take your relationship with your partner further into marriage. There is no need to spend on an expensive ring, opt for a cheaper one instead or buy the ring during the sale. Always keep in mind your budget. 

  3. Dowry. Again, no need to give so many dowries because it will only make you spend beyond your budget. It is best if your dowry item can be used for the upcoming ceremony, for example dressing cloth (can be worn for wedding dresses) and shoes (can be used for upcoming events).
  4. Outfits & Makeup. To save your money on outfits, just wear your baju raya or someone else’s outfit which looks decent for the ceremony. To make your ceremony more fun, your family members can wear the same colour theme. For makeup, you can do it yourself or if there is any family member who can do a little bit of makeup, just ask for their favour.
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