Day: December 13, 2018

Does Keyword Density Still Matter in Today’s SEO?

Back in 2011, using the right keywords was still a thing. I mean, it is the only thing that many people thought about when they’re thinking of implementing SEO techniques on their websites.

To some extent, they’re pretty successful doing it. That is why there are black hat SEO like overstuffing keywords being prevalent in this time.

However, Google Search’s algorithms have changed dramatically over the years and what used to work before does not work as effectively today as it once did.

This is not to say that Keywords do not matter anymore, but what I am saying is that keyword density, at least to the extent that we used them before, does not hold any importance anymore in today’s SEO landscape. Here are somethings that online marketing services recommend you do instead.

Website Relevance

For you to better understand why keywords are important when it comes to search engine optimization, Google and other search engines make use of them to make your content relevant.

For example, if you’re using keywords for “hair salon”, your topic is relevant for people who are using those search terms, ultimately making your website more visible to the active searchers.

Before the hummingbird update, black hat SEO techniques would tell you to overstuff your content with keywords so that you will rank higher. And it was actually true back in the day. Then came the update that killed those techniques.

The Hummingbird Update

Before this update, Google looked at site relevance based on the keywords used. But after the implementation of the Hummingbird update, it now views site relevance differently.

So, instead of using “hair salon” to dictate the site’s relevance to that particular search term, the algorithm now tells the search engine to look for the qualities that would satisfy the search query. In other words, instead of solely relying on keywords for site relevance, it now relies on the quality or the context about the hair salon using natural and often, conversational language.

This ultimately means that although keywords are still important in today’s SEO, it doesn’t hold as much weight as it did before.

The Takeaways

Despite the changes in the way Google Search handles websites, there are still some key takeaways from the new updates.

  • It is still important that you do keyword research. Only this time, you will focus more on the quality and the volume of the keywords instead of just relying on just about every keyword imaginable.
  • The placement holds more bearing now than it once did. It is important that you use your keywords in the title and the first few paragraphs of your content.
  • High-volume keywords are important and the only ones that you should think about.
  • There is now a priority for you to use your keywords the same way words are used in a natural conversation.


Keyword density doesn’t work to help you rank higher anymore. However, this is not to say that keywords, themselves, do not bear any importance anymore because it still does.

You just have to change the way you treat it. No more overstuffing, no more shady tactics. Just use it in a more natural way.

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